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Dr. Berg talks about the quality of sleep and your pulse rate. Normally your pulse rate should be 72. If your pulse rate is too high (tachycardia), it will be keep your body from fully relaxing and drifting into a deeper sleep. I believe it is your pulse rate that ultimately prevents a good night sleep. What causes a high pulse rate? It could be stress, it could be nutrition. But here are the factors:
1. Low potassium. This could come from a lack of dietary potassium because most people do not consume enough vegetable or salad. It can also be insulin resistance, in which cause your cells are not absorbing minerals, esp, potassium.
2. Low vitamin B1 could also raise your pulse rate. Refined flour products or refined sugar will deplete B vitamins and this is why you see “enriched flour” in many of the breads, pasta, cereals, etc. They enrich it with synthetic B-vitamins.
3. Hyperthyroid condition. If your thyroid is working too fast, your pulse rate will definitely spike. If this is the problem, then you should avoid iodine or sea kelp and avoid bile salts (or the Gallbladder Formula). Bile salts in general speed up the thyroid and you don’t want to raise your pulse rate higher than it’s already raised.
4. Acidosis. When the blood pH drops and becomes less alkaline, and more acidic, oxygen drops and the pulse rate can raise. This can happen when you go through Ketosis if you do not consume enough vegetables (which are alkaline) and all protein and fat. It can also happen in diabetics where their body is in a state of ketoacidosis. Also too much acids from apple cider vinegar or kombucha tea can acidify you as well.

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