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CanXida Remove is excellent when it comes to not only Candida eradication, it is also a most useful supplement for worms and parasites.

I’ve got another question here from somebody. “Is CanXida Remove good for worms?” It certainly is. It’s got black walnut in it. It’s got betaine in it. It’s got clove in it. It’s got neem in it. It’s got many different things in it that’s really going to help to break down the protein coating of different types of worms and parasites.

We’ve had very good reports of worm elimination from CanXida Remove from several people now. We’ve had many emails through our help desk. We’ve had photos. You wouldn’t believe how many bowel photos I get from people. I get more photos of peoples’ bathrooms and toilet bowls than anyone probably in the world. I could have a whole collage on my wall of different poops, worms, and bowel motions and all kinds of stuff. That’s the kind of work I’m involved in I suppose. Some people look at fashion pictures. I look at poop pictures. It’s just how it is.

But, yeah. There are many ingredients in here that have a fantastic effect on a wide range of worms in the body. Round worms, hook worms. I’m sure it will have a positive effect on tapeworms as well. Remember also, it contains many different ingredients that have an excellent effect on really improving the acidity of the stomach, which makes it more hostile for bugs to live in the small intestine.

It’s also going to upregulate the immune system, so it’s going to allow immunity to work more on parasites and worms as well. But the black walnut in here is a very high grade black walnut that we’ve used. We’ve used the European walnut. It’s got a nice amount of neem as well. Yes, I can positively say CanXida Remove works great for worms.

Make sure also that you’re using in combination with CanXida Restore, the digestive enzyme and the probiotic formula because they work as a pair. For a person with worms, I would recommend the Remove probably three per day and the Restore three per day. One of each after a meal, three times per day.

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