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Can shortness of breath be linked up with a Candida problem? Watch the video and find out more…

“Is shortness of breath a Candida symptom?” Not generally, I wouldn’t expect that to be related to Candida. It’s highly unlikely that you’ve got a Candida problem in the lung or you’d probably be in the emergency room on life support if you had a really bad yeast infection in the lung.

You could’ve inhaled pollens or different allergens for sure. There are many different reasons for shortness of breath and a lot of them will need checking out medically to determine if there’s any medical involvement like blood pressure issues. There’s pneumonia or COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. There’s asthma. You could have anemia. There could be pulmonary embolism.

There could be a whole bunch of reasons why there’s shortness of breath. It depends on your age. It depends on if you’re a smoker or a nonsmoker. It depends on if you work around chemicals or fumes. It depends on your body weight. It depends on a whole range of factors why shortness of breath is common.

Stress is a big one for shortness of breath. People under sympathetic dominance. The sympathetic is a “fight or flight”. That can certainly create more rapid breathing or shortness of breath.

The parasympathetic or the “rest and digest” mechanism, the relaxation mechanism, involves nice slow deep breathing in through the nose and push the belly out, push the belly back in to release that air very slowly. People who breath too quick and to shallow can suffer a little bit also from what we call “respiratory acidosis”, so the blood can be a little bit too acid and the way the body tries to compensate is to get more air in, so it can breathe more rapidly that way, too.

Adrenal fatigue people, for example, with major adrenal problems or cortisol dysfunction can shortness of breath. Asthma is very common to have shortness of breath. I often recommend asthma to go get proper therapy through Buteyko, Professor Constantine Buteyko, the Russian professor who taught people how to breathe properly to overcome asthma.

I would not commonly expect shortness of breath to Candida related, but there may be some link there with immune dysfunction. I don’t generally see it as a primary trigger.

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