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A question I frequently get asked is if the CanXida range of products is successful in biofilm eradication, the answer is YES. We have seen hundreds of comprehensive stool test reports that validate that Candida had a positive culture, and after treatment – that the culture was negative.

Does CanXida break down Candida’s biofilm?” I’ve just been reading some interesting studies on PubMed regarding undecylenic acid and caprylic acid and various other known antifungals that really work on breaking down the biofilm formation. They also stop the form of Candida. Basically turning from a hypha form into Candida form.

Candida forms can be disrupted. The biofilm can be disrupted. The transition can be disrupted from one phase of Candida into another. Absolutely, biofilms can definitely be broken down. Even more so, if you start using an anti-microbial like CanXida Remove and then add the correct enzyme and probiotic formulations with it that allow the correct pH change to occur in the gut and the promotion of beneficial bacteria.

If that occurs at the same time as a balanced anti-microbial, you’re going to get multiple effects that disrupt the biofilm on several different levels. You’re also upregulating in the immune response that allows a more direct targeted approach to the biofilm.

I can safety say, “Yes.” I’m absolutely convinced that the CanXida’s is going to work on the biofilm eradication. We’ve had excellent feedback from most people who’ve used the formulations and we’ve had no problem at all in terms of people coming back. Stool reports showing complete disappearance of Candida culture on many, many occasions. We’ve seen that. Iím positive in knowing that it really works on biofilm as well.

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