Some people keep telling me that eating lots and lots of fresh fruit has “cured” their Candida. Are they serious? In some rare cases this may be so, but for the majority it is not a wise choice. Some people believe that the only way to get the digestive system in great shape is to eat loads of fresh fruit every day – starting with breakfast. Some believe that lots of “detoxing” with fresh fruits will “cure” all their ailments. For the majority again – not a reality. It takes a lot more than a bowl of watermelon, grapes, citrus, etc to get your digestive system in great shape. There are superior ways to cleanse your lymphatic system, digestive system, etc – than by just loading up on fruit. You will affect your blood sugar levels, all that potassium and sugar can play havoc with thyroid and adrenals and there are a host of other reasons why the “all-fruit” diet approach is crazy.

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