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Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my favourite sleep promoting tips with you! A peaceful bedtime routine sends a powerful signal to your brain that it’s time to relax and let go of the day’s stresses. Sometimes even the tiniest changes in your lifestyle can make a huge difference to your quality of sleep! Impaired sleep can weaken your immune system, accelerate tumor growth, impair your mood and memory, lead to weight gain, raise your risk for heart disease, etc.. so rest is incredibly important for the health of our bodies and minds. I hope you find these tips helpful!! I hope you all have the sweetest dreams ever!! 🙂

* * * Favourite night time products mentioned in video:

My favourite online store for ethically sourced salt lamps is “so well made”

Living Libations “sweet sleep serum”

Living Libations “Bed Time Story”

Lotus Wei flower essences:
(I use Quite Mind and Inner Peace)

Apoterra “Tulsi Rejuvenating Oil”
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Blue Beautifly “Calming Body Oil Serum”:

Organic Traditions “Nighty Night” Tea:

Yogi Tea “Bedtime” Tea:

Sleep Mask:

Weighted blanket: You can find many different weighted blankets on the market. Amazon carries a variety of them, such as this one here:
I personally chose to buy one with River rocks, as I felt it was more natural/cooling choice. I had mine custom made from “salt of the earth”:


-Turn off electronics before bed (or use an app that allows your screen to omit yellow light instead of blue.. it helps so much!)
-Create a calming environment. I love salt lamps, crystals and keeping my place free from mess (or try to… LOL!!!)
– Set the right temperature for sleep
– Take a warm bath a couple hours before bed and use calming scents in your skincare routine.
– Clean before bed
– Drink sleep promoting herbal teas
– Use calming essential oils
– Use flower essences
– Use calming crystals (YAY!)
– Wear a sleep mask to block out light (and ear plugs if you really need them).
– Listen to calming nature sounds
– Watch ASMR videos (I want to try making one someday hehe.. need to figure out audio for that!)
– Try out white, pink and brown noise.
– Practice visualization exercises
– Progressive muscle technique
– Get comfortable (obviously hehe)
– Try out a weighted blanket! I love the feeling of weight.
– Exercise to tire yourself out
– Deep breathing, yoga, meditation.. it’s all great for sleep!
– Positive affirmations 🙂 Use your mind power!
– Eat foods that promote sleep. Reduce caffeine and sugar intake
– Snuggle with puppy (optional) 😛



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Music – “Lullaby (Go to sleep) by AdagioMusic

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