Join me Thursday, May 19 at 7 PM central time in my doctor Glidden advocate continuing education series where and I will be talking about how to have healthy skin. If you or anyone that you know is dealing with a chronic skin condition, it’s not because you have a bad gene, it’s because you have a bad doctor. Your M.D. is not trained how to cure your skin condition. Your medical doctor is trained how to manage and suppress the symptoms that your body is generating on the skin. This is never a good idea. Suppression and management of symptoms always leads to a weakening of the body and the generation of another set of symptoms, somewhere else. Medical doctors do not understand the true nature of the human body – that it is an intricately complex system of connected parts – a wholistic organism. When you suppress a symptom anywhere in the body, whether it’s on the skin or anywhere else there will be negative repercussions. Because of their juvenile understanding of how the body works the medical doctors are not concerned with these repercussions. One more reason to fire your M.D. now.

But more to the point don’t you think that it is curious that the people in charge of medicine in the 21st century do not know what causes your skin condition and are not trained in how to cure it? Spread the word to your friends, family members, church and community members about what we are up to. Remember – people in your life can gain access to my information for only two dollars for two days! That beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick! Invite, invite, invite! Show people the light of science based, clinically verified medical nutrition by inviting them to the May 19th webinar on how to have healthy skin the Wholistic way. I am your steadfast advocate for health Dr. Peter Glidden, hoping to see you there.

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