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Today I’m going to talk about how to maximize your health with raw foods.

-More people are turning to raw foods in their diet to lose weight, boost energy levels, and reverse disease processes.
-Ideally your diet should be composed of 80% raw foods and 20% cooked foods.
-Raw food is uncooked, undenatured, heated below 118 degrees Fahrenheit- enzymes start to die off at higher temperatures
-Enzymes- break down foods, absorb and digest minerals, help body create new, healthy cells.
-Americans are most deficient in enzymes.
-Enzymes Sources: raw vegetables and raw fruits, beans, nuts and seeds, raw dairy products.
-Cooking foods kill 10-80% nutrients in food.

Book: The Raw Truth by Jordan Rubin

Top 10 Raw Foods
1. Leafy Greens
-Kale = most nutrient-dense
-Kale Shake:
-Packed with Vitamin K and enzymes

2. Citrus Fruits
-Lemon, limes, grapefruit, oranges
-Detox Drink:
-Packed with Vitamin C to boost immunity

3. Sesame and Pumpkin Seeds
-Promote prostate health and hormone balance
-Spicy Pumpkin

4. Avocados
-Packed with potassium to promote hydration
-Great source of Vitamin E
-Great source of healthy, monounsaturated Omega-9 fats
-Guacamole recipe:

5.Coconut Kefir
-Health Benefits of Coconut Kefir:
-Kevita: fermented coconut water
-Kefir cultures: Body Ecology
-Raw Kombucha tea
-Health Benefits of Kombucha:

6. Carrots
-Great source of calcium and antioxidant beta carotene, which protects skin against harmful UV rays
-Health Benefits of Carrots:
-Raw Superfood Carrot Salad Recipe:

7. Raw Dairy:
-Raw cheese, raw kefir (goat,sheep)
-Beyond Organic:
-Health Benefits Raw Dairy:

8. Celery
-Loaded enzymes, high in electrolytes
-Health Benefits of Celery:

9. Cultured vegetables
-Sauerkraut Recipe:
-Health Benefits of Fermented Veggies:

10. Watermelon
-Packed with electrolytes and enzymes
-Refreshing Watermelon Beverage:
-Health Benefits of Watermelon:

Action Steps: Start adding more raw foods to your diet
1. Breakfast: Add kale or leafy greens to morning superfood smoothie
2. Lunch: Superfood Salad
3. Snack: Hummus with raw veggies
4. Supplement with green powder or wheatgrass (Axe Naturals Green Superfood)

To learn more about the health benefits of raw foods, check out:
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