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Dr. Josh details which 5 foods should be in every woman’s diet. These foods will allow you to stay in good health.

1. Flax Seeds:
-loaded with Omega-3 fats to reduce inflammation
-helps balance hormones
-promotes strong, healthy hair, skin, and nails
-promotes colon health
*Try this Berry Smoothie with berries, coconut milk, and flax seeds:

2. Organic Carrots:
-packed with antioxidant beta carotene and Vitamin A
-promotes healthy skin

3. Blueberries:
-packed with antioxidants to promote anti-aging
-packed with bioflavonoids to protect against cancer
-low glycemic index

4. Spinach:
-great source of calcium to help build strong bones
-alkaline: helps alkaline body and reduce acidity to promote recovery
*Add to: salads, cooked dishes, berry smoothies

5. Raw Dairy Products:
*Try: goat milk yogurt, kefir, cheese, and Amasai
-healthy source of probiotics to promote digestive health and immunity
-promote skin health
-increase absorption, digestion, and assimilation
-rich in Vitamin K2 to build strong bones
-promote healthy blood, skin, hair, nails

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